04 March 2015

Leading Women

Recently, my savvy girlfriend Helene sent me an interesting link. It was an opportunity to participate in the CNN International Women's Day and celebrate the wisdom of women with an open call to artists around the world to illustrate inspirational quotes from leading women. Sounds pretty cool right? So I jumped right in, sent an email to CNN and received a quote from Oprah Winfrey to illustrate, and this was the final result. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of such a huge audience and cause for leading women. You can view all the beautiful submissions at the CNN International Women's Day Pinterest board and read a little background over at CNN. Here's to the leading woman in all of us!

27 February 2015

Stamps To Love

There's one thing, among many things, the United States is truly bad at. One of those is stamp design. Stamps are something I rarely think about because there are very few stamp designs that have caught my eye over the years. I'm not a collector of stamps, but I have amassed a whole three sheets of stamps because they were what I would consider well designed, and interesting. And probably because they were in the design realm: sculptor Louise Nevelson stamps in 1999, the Peanuts stamps in 2000 (I'm a huge Peanuts fan so no matter what the stamps looked like, I probably would have bought them anyway!) and the Eames stamps in 2008.

Now, I'm thrilled to add Jessica Hische's 2015 Forever Hearts Stamps, released in January, to my collection. I would have to imagine it's quite a honor to design such beautiful stamps for your country. In the future, I could easily see myself collecting stamps if the USPS continued to print visually interesting and unique stamps. 

The USPS even did a cool video with Jessica who shares her musings on the stamp design. Bravo Jessica!

Image: USPS

16 February 2015

Before + After: Maria Brophy

When Maria Brophy contacted me to give her logo a refresh, I was thrilled! Maria, as well as her husband Drew Brophy, are well known in the art scene both locally and nationally, each in their own right; Maria is an Art Business Consultant and Drew is an illustrator, muralist and surfboard artist.

After more than a decade of building her Art Consulting business, Maria decided it was time to freshen up her brand with a new logo and website to compliment her business direction, which included more speaking engagements and collection of ebooks. Maria's previous logo didn't fully capture who she or her business was anymore. When we sat down and talked about what she wanted in a new logo, “authentic”, “sophisticated”, “simple” and “down-to-earth” were key attributes to incorporate. And since this would be a typographic wordmark, void of a logomark or icon, the font selections would be essential. Because Maria caters specifically to artists on a variety of business matters and shares her own personal experiences, it was important to convey the who and what clearly, in a very straight forward approach, but with personality. The end result is warm, approachable and professional, just like Maria herself!

If you’re an artist who needs valuable business advice, guidance, expertise and encouragement, then you need to contact Maria. She knows the Business of Art and will help you find success on every level!

“Lynne took the time to get into my head and understand my brand, my needs and my personality. She was friendly, patient and professional. In the end, she created a design that perfectly captured the essence of my brand.” - Maria Brophy

If your logo or brand could use a little refresh too, get it touch and let's do it! There's no better feeling in the world for me, then when a client is delighted with their new look!

10 February 2015

A Longing for Letterpress

The Mama's Sauce card
The studio of The Aesthetic Union

Kristine Arellano of Presshaus LA
My business cards don't wow me. There I finally said it. Do you know how embarrassing it is for a designer to admit that? So... things are about to change. Goodbye old cards, I'm designing a new card and I'm on the hunt for a printer who will print a card that will wow with a capital 'W'. In thinking about what I want, the final product needs to be incredibly tactile and memorable, the feel of the card needs to be amazing. I'm a letterpress junkie and lover of heavier weight paper, so these attributes will require a special print job from a seasoned printer. I've narrowed my search to a few favorites and I want to share them with you. Here are some of the best in the business if you're looking for the ultimate business card to hand out and stand out. Because business cards are still important and potentially be the first touch point a prospective client might get from you.

Mama's Sauce - What about Mama's Sauce isn't to love? They have a reputation for some of the best printing in the country and designers love them. Based in Orlando, Florida Mama's Sauce has churned out some of the most memorable business cards, posters, stationery and invites. Just take a look at their Instagram feed.

Aesthetic Union - This San Francisco-based print house works with designers to flesh out ideas using traditional printing methods resulting in timeless ephemera. Printmaker James Tucker specializes in letterpress work, and designer Risa Culbertson of PapaLlama (her personal line of stationery and gift items) have teamed up to open a printing/studio/shop/gallery space offering a bevy of paper products. They carry locally and specialty made cards, notebooks and writing desk hard goods. And all their paper products shine with goodness.

Presshaus LA - Kristine Arellano learned the craft of letterpress printing in Germany. Vandercook anyone? She. Knows. Printing. And her passion for printing is clear. Just watch this video of Emma Dime's Lovely Lady Studio Tour Series of Kristine's letterpress journey. Her LA-based bespoke letterpress studio produces timeless pieces, and I suspect her soon-to-launch line of paper goods will be just as fabulous! Oh, and her sidekick Bagel is the cutest pup in print!

These are just a few of the many incredible letterpress printers out there who's work I greatly admire. If you're looking for a letterpress printer in your area, you can find an extensive list of top notch printers over at The Beauty of Letterpress.

I haven't decided which printer I'll be going with yet, sometimes the design needs to fit the right printer and vice versa, but I'll keep you posted on the final results!

Images: Mama's Sauce, The Aesthetic Union and Presshaus LA

02 February 2015

Design Like You Give A Damn

James Victore. Have you heard of him? He's a creator, a teacher, a speaker and he's genius. And what he's really good at is teaching creative courage. That's right. He's brash, truthful and gives you permission. Permission to break the rules, fail, get up, try again and keep going. And I love his quotes of encouragement!

He's the man behind a series called Burning Questions, a free online weekly video series for creatives who need a little insight.... and soulfire. I highly recommend you sign up to receive his provocative words straight to your inbox every week. He'll make you think, get uncomfortable and give you the courage to get out there and give ‘em hell!

And check out some of his letterpress quotes on Holstee. You can buy the entire set, or a single 5" x 7" card of your favorite. Perfect to frame and put on your wall so each and every time you sit down at your computer, his words will beam at you. Onwards and forwards my friends!

Photos: Holstee

20 January 2015

Triple Purpose Furniture

When a single piece of furniture has not one, not two, but three functions, what's not to love?! This is the Woodieful Chair, a sustainable, multifunctional chair, magazine holder and side table in one. It's primarily built for sitting (and can hold up to 160lbs.), but with its innovative shape and design, you can use it as a stool, a side table, night stand or however it suits you best. Read more about the superb functionality and design here at Stolzek.

Images from Design Milk

Wear the Dewey Decimal System

Cool graphic t-shirts pretty much make up most of my wardrobe. There's nothing like wearing a super comfy tee with neat graphics, jeans and some beaded jewelry. Remember the card catalog? As a kid, going to the library, learning the Dewey Decimal System and stamping out books was fun... getting them back on time wasn't as fun, but for the most part I got my books back before the due date. That's why I love this vintaged-inspired Library Stamp Shirt by Out of Print. And for every tee purchased, the company sends one book to a community in need. It's a win-win!

07 January 2015

Hot off the press from Mr. Cup

Still looking for the perfect 2015 calendar? Then head over to Mr. Cup immediately. Again this year, Fabien Barral has created a stunning letterpress calendar that is both visually and texturally exceptional. The calendar is composed of 13 cards, each month offering words of wisdom from the Mr. Cup creative manifesto in perfectly curated fonts. The special painted edges edition is already sold out, but the regular edition is still available here. Every one is hand numbered limited edition. And you can still get the 2014 calendar too. Forget the dates, hang the colorful quotes on the wall for daily inspiration!

Images: Mr. Cup

06 January 2015

Quick and Punchy Design Advice

There is definitely something to be said for clean, simple design and these Base Design '5-Minute Posters' are no exception. And with great design advice to boot! Even more interesting, read about why they are called '5-Minute Posters' over on Design Taxi.

Here's an apropos quote to go with those beautifully simplistic posters:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”  - Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, Airman's Odyssey

Images: Design Taxi

02 January 2015

Forget Resolutions... Here's To Intentions!

Happy New Year all! I have a great feeling about 2015 and I hope you do too!

Mine started early this week while at yoga practice, my teacher said something that really resonated with me. She said instead of making a resolution, set an intention, and whatever that intention may be, do your very best. Carry the intention with you tomorrow, next week, next month until you're satisfied with the end result. I like the idea of this. A resolution is a solution to a problem or conflict, but I don't have a problem or conflict to resolve. Rather I'm looking be present, act purposefully and reach the goals I've set for myself in 2015. That my friends is intention! But an intention is more personal and meaningful because it makes us wake up to the life we're living, be accountable, show up and make it happen. 

Since it was unseasonably cold on New Year's Day in SoCal (we even got a little snow!), I put myself in a cozy spot on the couch with my warm doxies, my thoughts and my notebook. I thought about what intentions I wanted to take on this year and here they are; get in really damn fine shape, eat better, learn new skills (like hand lettering) and grow my business even better, among others. And here's why I'm not going to stress about them, because I can do anything, but not everything. Because life will inevitably throw a few curve balls my way when I least expect it. And because I can get back on track tomorrow. Marie Forleo said it best... 'Creating a business and life you love means recognizing that you get to write the rules. That you get to decide what success and happiness looks and feels like for you." Bravo!

So here's a big adios to resolutions, because we never finish them anyway right? What does success and happiness look like to you? I encourage you to take some time and think about what intentions you may like to set this week, this month or for the whole year. And remember, we are responsible for our happiness. Life isn't about finding ourselves, but creating ourselves and the life we want to live. May your 2015 be everything you want and more! Here's to a spectacular year!

Warmly, Lynne

25 December 2014

Holiday Wishes To All

So it seems the holidays snuck up on me and those weekly Monday posts I was supposed to be doing are buried under a pile of snow somewhere. But not to worry my friends, aren't those New Year resolutions right around the corner? Why yes, they are! Now that the rush and crush of December is almost over, it's time to dig out some inspiring design! In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful holiday full of laughter and cheer with those near and dear to you and all the best in 2015! xoxo

08 December 2014

Wrap It Up


Honestly, I was going to put these on my gift guide this year, but they really deserve their own post.... because they are just so damn cool! Now, I know hand knitted scarves are THE best, soft, warm and oh so cozy. But take a gander at these super unique scarves from Little Factory. I've never seen anything like them. They are completely unique and will most certainly be a conversation starter. Behold the Paper Scarf and the Helvetica Scarf.

The Paper Scarf resembles a long sheet of notepaper with blue or grey embroidered lines that you can wrap around your neck. It's made out of paper-like Tyvek material, which is known for its durability. But it’s also lightweight, breathable, water resistant and will actually keep you warm. The added bonus, you can write on it! No joke. So for those who aren't quite ready for Evernote, for $25 bucks this is best scarf/notepad combo for your pencil and paper nuts.

The Helvetica Scarf needs no formal introduction. It's a classic no matter what form it takes. Made from microfiber suede material it's a little more expensive then the Paper Scarf at $62, but hey, it's Helvetica. Both great stocking stuffers for the creative hipster on your list!

Photos: Little Factory
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