20 January 2015

Triple Purpose Furniture

When a single piece of furniture has not one, not two, but three functions, what's not to love?! This is the Woodieful Chair, a sustainable, multifunctional chair, magazine holder and side table in one. It's primarily built for sitting (and can hold up to 160lbs.), but with its innovative shape and design, you can use it as a stool, a side table, night stand or however it suits you best. Read more about the superb functionality and design here at Stolzek.

Images from Design Milk

Wear the Dewey Decimal System

Cool graphic t-shirts pretty much make up most of my wardrobe. There's nothing like wearing a super comfy tee with neat graphics, jeans and some beaded jewelry. Remember the card catalog? As a kid, going to the library, learning the Dewey Decimal System and stamping out books was fun... getting them back on time wasn't as fun, but for the most part I got my books back before the due date. That's why I love this vintaged-inspired Library Stamp Shirt by Out of Print. And for every tee purchased, the company sends one book to a community in need. It's a win-win!

07 January 2015

Hot off the press from Mr. Cup

Still looking for the perfect 2015 calendar? Then head over to Mr. Cup immediately. Again this year, Fabien Barral has created a stunning letterpress calendar that is both visually and texturally exceptional. The calendar is composed of 13 cards, each month offering words of wisdom from the Mr. Cup creative manifesto in perfectly curated fonts. The special painted edges edition is already sold out, but the regular edition is still available here. Every one is hand numbered limited edition. And you can still get the 2014 calendar too. Forget the dates, hang the colorful quotes on the wall for daily inspiration!

Images: Mr. Cup

06 January 2015

Quick and Punchy Design Advice

There is definitely something to be said for clean, simple design and these Base Design '5-Minute Posters' are no exception. And with great design advice to boot! Even more interesting, read about why they are called '5-Minute Posters' over on Design Taxi.

Here's an apropos quote to go with those beautifully simplistic posters:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”  - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman's Odyssey

Images: Design Taxi

02 January 2015

Forget Resolutions... Here's To Intentions!

Happy New Year all! I have a great feeling about 2015 and I hope you do too!

Mine started early this week while at yoga practice, my teacher said something that really resonated with me. She said instead of making a resolution, set an intention, and whatever that intention may be, do your very best. Carry the intention with you tomorrow, next week, next month until you're satisfied with the end result. I like the idea of this. A resolution is a solution to a problem or conflict, but I don't have a problem or conflict to resolve. Rather I'm looking be present, act purposefully and reach the goals I've set for myself in 2015. That my friends is intention! But an intention is more personal and meaningful because it makes us wake up to the life we're living, be accountable, show up and make it happen. 

Since it was unseasonably cold on New Year's Day in SoCal (we even got a little snow!), I put myself in a cozy spot on the couch with my warm doxies, my thoughts and my notebook. I thought about what intentions I wanted to take on this year and here they are; get in really damn fine shape, eat better, learn new skills (like hand lettering) and grow my business even better, among others. And here's why I'm not going to stress about them, because I can do anything, but not everything. Because life will inevitably throw a few curve balls my way when I least expect it. And because I can get back on track tomorrow. Marie Forleo said it best... 'Creating a business and life you love means recognizing that you get to write the rules. That you get to decide what success and happiness looks and feels like for you." Bravo!

So here's a big adios to resolutions, because we never finish them anyway right? What does success and happiness look like to you? I encourage you to take some time and think about what intentions you may like to set this week, this month or for the whole year. And remember, we are responsible for our happiness. Life isn't about finding ourselves, but creating ourselves and the life we want to live. May your 2015 be everything you want and more! Here's to a spectacular year!

Warmly, Lynne

25 December 2014

Holiday Wishes To All

So it seems the holidays snuck up on me and those weekly Monday posts I was supposed to be doing are buried under a pile of snow somewhere. But not to worry my friends, aren't those New Year resolutions right around the corner? Why yes, they are! Now that the rush and crush of December is almost over, it's time to dig out some inspiring design! In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful holiday full of laughter and cheer with those near and dear to you and all the best in 2015! xoxo

08 December 2014

Wrap It Up


Honestly, I was going to put these on my gift guide this year, but they really deserve their own post.... because they are just so damn cool! Now, I know hand knitted scarves are THE best, soft, warm and oh so cozy. But take a gander at these super unique scarves from Little Factory. I've never seen anything like them. They are completely unique and will most certainly be a conversation starter. Behold the Paper Scarf and the Helvetica Scarf.

The Paper Scarf resembles a long sheet of notepaper with blue or grey embroidered lines that you can wrap around your neck. It's made out of paper-like Tyvek material, which is known for its durability. But it’s also lightweight, breathable, water resistant and will actually keep you warm. The added bonus, you can write on it! No joke. So for those who aren't quite ready for Evernote, for $25 bucks this is best scarf/notepad combo for your pencil and paper nuts.

The Helvetica Scarf needs no formal introduction. It's a classic no matter what form it takes. Made from microfiber suede material it's a little more expensive then the Paper Scarf at $62, but hey, it's Helvetica. Both great stocking stuffers for the creative hipster on your list!

Photos: Little Factory

01 December 2014

Sleek and Stylish Secrecacy

Quite often I find myself longing to see everyday items, such as stamps, currency and travel documents, get a major design makeover. And Oslo-based Neue Design Studio has satisfied my craving indeed! They recently won a competition by the Norwegian government to redesign the country's passports and ID card and the outcome was exceptional. Not only is the design functional, minimal and sleek, it illustrates the real Norway: nature. “All Norwegians are so connected to nature, it’s a very strong part of our history and defines us as a country,” says Gørill Kvamme of Neue, who explains that the minimal concept came from seeking to find the “essence of something”. The double page passport spreads are illustrated with minimal images of landscapes with mountains and water from different parts of the country. "The landscape with its vast variation from the south to the north, was the starting point for the design concept."

And if the beauty of the design with just the naked eye wasn't enough, the most unique aspect of the new design occurs when the pages are exposed to UV light. The vistas transform to show images of the Northern Lights and reveals hidden text written at the bottom of the pages. A secret solution to thwart identity theft in the most captivating way.

The covers feature a modernized version of the national crest, stamped in gold with bold colors: white for immigrants, turquoise for diplomats and red for standard passports. No release date for the passports has been set, but it is expected to be within the next two years. Happy travels to the Norwegians!

Images: The Guardian

30 November 2014

Back to Blogging

Hello friends! I'm back. Yes, it's been a while since I last posted on my blog. Work, travel and life have taken me away from posting regularly. But over the last month I've made some changes in my day to day schedule which have been good for my overall work enjoyment (and sanity). For example, I realized while I may not be the right designer for a potential client, some clients might not be ideal for me. I've also started to incorporate an administration day during the week to focus on all those admin things small business owners loathe to do, but gotta do (thank you Jessica Hische for the enlightening advice!) And I started thinking about why I blog, what I blog about and where I want my blog to go... or not go. So instead of my crazy inconsistent posts twice a week to barely once a month, you can expect posts each and every week on MONDAYS from now on. So stay tuned, tomorrow I've got some Nordic design with a little secret and gift ideas that won't break the bank. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

01 November 2014

Getting Brushy

Quite literally, I will be getting brushy! Since my lettering skills are in the very early stages, the Brushy Alphabet from the amazingly talented Molly Jacques is just what I need to give a few of my projects the hand lettered look I've been wanting. It's not available as a font, however you can purchase all the files needed to incorporate into your design. You can find all the details in her shop here. Thank you Molly!

Image: Molly Jacques

It's a Beer, Beer World

These days, there's a plethora of new micro and craft beers to swill. How do you keep them all straight? Loren Purcell's SF Beer Map available on The Bold Italic, makes hunting down the best brew in San Francisco easy. The gorgeously designed 18" x 24" poster plots out the all the major breweries and small batch hubs in each neighborhood around San Francisco. Now if we could have a pocket size version for the pub crawl please. Cheers!

Images: The Bold Italic

24 October 2014

Eat Well My Friends

Hard to believe, but I'm going to do this anyway. Yes, I'm going to tell you about a great gift for the entertainer/home chef for Christmas. I've learned it's never to early to jump in, because let's face it, time passes so quickly these days, and by the time we know it, it will be time to holiday shop! I adore these grey linen napkins from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co featuring hand calligraphy by Lisa Congdon. They are crafted from linen and screen printed by hand ad hand sewn in the Schoolhouse factory. A perfect stocking stuffer for the foodie in your life!

Images: Schoolhouse Electric
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